Before you go

Before you head off for that special adventure, you want to be sure you’ve planned well.

So much to do, so little time.

There’s admittedly a bit of pre-travel anxiety at work here. That’s normal. You want your adventure to be everything you hope for, everything you dream of. 

You’ll probably have some pre-trip dreams about it, like the one where you arrive at the airport, only to find the plane has already boarded and taken off. 

Or you’re on the plane, but you’ve forgotten to check your luggage. 

Or the one where you’re trying to ask where to buy more batteries, but no one speaks English.

Don’t worry. You CAN have a memorable, stress-free experience.

Here are some considerations:

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Adventuress-Travel-Magazine is committed to giving you the most useful information, BEFORE YOU GO!

-Carolyn V. Hamilton

Managing Editor & Chief Adventuress


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