Delos, center of the Greek universe, continued

buildings’ colonnades, porticos, floors, and altars survive.

Heavy stone tablets inscribed with Greek letters were scattered along the pathways.

Aegean, Delos, Greece

Directional signs? Board games for pedestrians? Political ads? It was all Greek to me and I again wished I’d pursued Hellenistic studies instead of Latin in school.

Initially the island hosted pilgrimages to the Apollian holy sites. During the 5th century BC, Delos became a free port, emerging as the commercial, financial and spiritual hub of the Eastern Mediterranean and home to 20,000 people. It also gained notoriety as a slave market selling hundreds of slaves daily.

When the powerful Athenian senate later decreed that no deaths or births could occur on the sacred island and all graves were to be removed, an exodus ensued over the next centuries.

As marauders continued to assault    read more

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