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The adventure of food


Dining, chocolate, sangria, buffet, cuisine, spices, seafood, cooking…

These are magic words to the gourmand adventuress.

A real food adventuress might think about what she could have for lunch while she’s still eating breakfast.

Not because she’s concerned about lunch, just that with so many choices in our world today, it’s fun to think about food.


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Beyond meat and potatoes…

Nowadays, especially if you live in a big city, you don’t have to go much further than the next block to find a restaurant serving food you probably didn’t grow up with.

Tonight, shall we indulge ourselves with Chinese? Italian? Mexican? Thai? Cajun? Indian? Or…?

The adventure of cooking

Most adventuresses who like food also like to cook.

In addition to features about restaurants and cuisine and cooking schools, we’d like to share with you our favorite recipes.

We also invite you to share with us as well. Add a few words about how and/or where you found your recipe, and send it to Contact Us.

Eat the World -
Bon appétit!

Cliffhanger meal at Aescher restaurant in Switzerland’s Alps - Bambi shares a dining experience to be remembered at the Aeschjer restaurant in Switzerland. CLICK HERE TO READ.

5 Foodie Favourites from across the globe

- Travel addict and foodie Olivia shares with us five foodie favourites from across the globe. CLICK HERE TO READ

Tropical Mexico in your own kitchen

- a norteamericana who has lived in Mexico for more than a decade, Janet Blaser shares some of her favorite recipes that reflect tropical Mexico. CLICK HERE TO READ.

BE MY GUEST Lunch at Portugal’s Monte Negro Stud Farm - Marie shares her special “Be My Guest” lunch at Portugal’s Monte Negro Stud Farm, with recipes! CLICK HERE TO READ.

Croatian Peka Among the Vines on Vis

- Tina introduces us to a delicious Croatian dish of octopus called Peka. CLICK HERE to read.

Colorful Cooking Experience in Bo-Kaap - Marie visits the Bo-Kaap (Afrikaans for “Above the Cape”) area of Cape Town, South Africa. CLICK HERE to read.

Taste of Hygge – Nordic Cooking with MasterChef Karsten Kroman - Marie introduces us to Nordic Cooking, “Hygge” style in Copenhagen, Denmark. CLICK HERE to read.

The World's Wackiest Foods and Where to Find Them - Olivia comments on some unusual cuisine, with pictures!. CLICK HERE to read.

Bagpipes and Beans in Scotland - Dennise reveals some fun notes about the popularity of beans in Scotland. CLICK HERE to read.

French cooking on the coast of Ecuador - Carolyn goes to Villa de Los Suenos on the coast of Ecuador to learn French cooking with Chef Marc. CLICK HERE to read.

Hot & Spicy at Sompet in Chiang Mai - An adventuress learns to prepare Thai dishes at the Sompet Thai Cookery School in Chiang Mai. CLICK HERE to read more.

Garden Dining at Puerto Vallarta’s Café Des Artistes -Carolyn discovers French garden dining at Café Des Artistes in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. CLICK HERE to read more.

How to make Colombian empanadas: The Empanada Experience - An experience cooking Colombian and Ecuadorean empanadas, with recipe steps and how-to pictures. CLICK HERE to read more.

Thanksgiving In Haiti, a Comedy of American Error In which Kathy, now possessing an oven with a real stove, searches for the ingredients Americans know and love to create a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. CLICK HERE to read more.

Join me to shop, cook and eat in a Parisian neighborhood with Madame Paule Chaillat of Les Promenades Gourmandes CLICK HERE to read more.

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