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Issue #035, October 10 - Nomad families, Free Travel Tips e-book & more on that Las Vegas memoir.
October 10, 2014
Dear VIA (Very Important Adventuress)

Nomad families, Free Travel Tips e-book & more on that Las Vegas memoir.

A Visit With A Nomad Berber Family

En route to southeastern Morocco’s Merzouga Dunes, Cam Usher enjoyed the rare opportunity to visit a family of Berber goat herders at their temporary spring encampment.

She got to see first-hand how they cook and eat, where they sleep, and the challenges this nomad family faces in a country that now has decreed all children must attend school.

You can read her story “A Visit With A Nomad Berber Family” here: Nomad Berber Family

That old devil, Time Management!

Remember a couple of months ago I wrote about time-blocking? How I was experimenting with blocking my day out in 15-minute time segment “appointments” in order to get more done?

I gave it up. Here’s why:

Not only did I feel pressured—not good for a creative type— I found I felt guilty if I veered off of it.

I remembered some advice given me years ago by an advertising mentor: do one thing and do it really well.

So now I am working on FOCUS. Sticking with one thing until it’s DONE. And keeping in mind that DONE is better than PERFECT.

That’s how I was able to (after 38 years!) finish my memoir…“Coming to Las Vegas, a True Tale of Sex, Drugs & Sin City in the ‘70s”

This is the story about how I went to Las Vegas in 1973 to join a circus and ended up opening the original MGM Grand Hotel as a cocktail waitress.

Please buy the e-book here: Coming to Las Vegas And if you like it, it would mean a lot to me if you would go to Amazon, rate it, and write a few lines saying what you liked about the story.

Today, a little Bonus for you:

Here’s a cool FREE e-book I found on the internet that I think you may find useful: “101 Tips for Women Travelers.”

This is a compilation of travel advice written by experienced women adventuresses.

Click here to order: 101 Tips For Women Travelers This book is compliments of OAT Travel, a branch of Grand Circle Tours. GCT is the company providing our “DISCOVER SOUTH AMERICA” tour February 17 to March 2, 2015.

This tour includes an optional free series of workshop events about writing & selling travel articles & photography.

Click here to read all the details: DISCOVER SOUTH AMERICA TOUR

If you have some specific questions, please call me (I’m on EST) at 702-359-1739.

Please plan to join us for a fun, informative adventure!

Make today an “adventuress” day—

—Carolyn V. Hamilton, Editor and Chief Adventuress

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