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Issue #038, November 21- Celebrating Thanksgiving in Haiti and giving thanks
November 21, 2014
Dear VIA (Very Important Adventuress)

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Haiti, a Comedy of American Error

As Thanksgiving approaches, I want to share with you the adventure of two of my friends celebrating Thanksgiving in Haiti.

The best part of living in Cuenca, Ecuador is the new ex-pat girlfriends I’ve made. Many of them are powerful, adventurous norteamricanas.

Sara and Kathy are two I most enjoy spending time with.

Kathy is a former university creative writing professor and fabulous artist. Sara, with her architectural background, has been an international aid worker in housing development. They live in an inspiring, artistic space behind Cuenca, Ecuador’s expansive central cathedral.

But when they lived and worked in Haiti, Kathy determined to create a traditional American Thanksgiving.

Read how she rose to the challenge of ferreting out the necessary ingredients, making substitutions, cooking this dinner in a tropical foreign country, and her subsequent personal epiphany: Celebrating Thanksgiving in Haiti, a Comedy of American Error:

Giving thanks

This week I will formally give thanks for 3 things:

1) my excellent health,

2) my God-given creative abilities and

3) all of the wonderful, interesting, supportive and both long-time and new friends in my life.

Sorry, friends, that you are number 3 in my life, but hey, we all have priorities ☺

And whatever is going on in your life at this time, remember to give thanks and practice gratitude every day for your many blessings.

You have only to travel the world to realize how advantaged you are.

Make it an adventuress and thankful day,


—Carolyn V. Hamilton, Editor and Chief Adventuress

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