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Issue #042, June 26, 2015 - Desert Daydreams and the Law of Attraction
June 26, 2015
Dear VIA (Very Important Adventuress)

Desert daydreams & the Law of Attraction

When Canadienne Dominique Millette arrived in Phoenix, Arizona, one of her visits included the Lost Dutchman State Park.

Reading this brought back nostalgic memories for me of a family character called “Rattlesnake.”

His real name was Guy Timmerman and he was my father’s uncle. We all called him “Rattlesnake” because he spent five decades living in Apache Junction, Arizona and searching for the Lost Dutchman mine.

When he came home to Seattle to visit, my mother complained that he tracked in dried mud on his desert boots.

Rattlesnake had his own donkey, and maps of where the mine “should” be. He could describe the canyon hillside, “unreachable,” he said, “ by mule.” All his life he claimed he had come to within fifty feet of the mine, but he died in the 1970s without ever finding it.

But Dominique found the Lost Dutchman State Park, among other Arizona daydreams. CLICK HERE to read “Desert daydreams”, Dominick’s impressions of the US Southwestern desert.

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction coach Stephanie Slavin has just published a new book, Smashing Through the Roadblocks in the Highways of Your Mind.

She reminds us that we all can have—and deserve—what we want in life.

And since today is my birthday and I have lots of wonderful new experiences I want to attract into my life, I’ll be re-reading Stephanie’s book!

It’s featured now in BOOKS WE LOVE: Smashing Through the Roadblocks in the Highways of Your Mind

By the way, 72 is the new 32! And you can quote me on that!

Have an "adventuress" day!


—Carolyn V. Hamilton, Editor and Chief Adventuress

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