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Issue #044, July 10, 2015 - Hiking in the Galapagos, mosquitos & fun read
July 10, 2015
Dear VIA (Very Important Adventuress)

A Galapagos hike

Visiting the Galapagos islands off the coast of Ecuador was on Loretta’s bucket list. However, the reality of hiking in the Galapagos Islands proved to be more than challenging. CLICK HERE To read about her unexpected adventure (hint: none of this was in the promo brochure).


Where you are it’s probably summer. Up here in the Andes of Ecuador, in Cuenca, we’re coming into winter—which just means a few more gray, foggy, spring-in-Seattle-like days, and about ten degrees cooler.

We don’t have mosquitos, but if you do, here’s a quirky tip: Place a dryer sheet in your pocket. Yep, they don’t like the smell—maybe it reminds them of the work of doing laundry….

Where were you in the early ‘70s?

For me, it was a wild, if thought-provoking, time in Vegas.

If you’re looking for fun summer beach/travel reading, you might want to check out my fast-paced, “tell all” memoir, Coming to Las Vegas, A true tale of sex, drugs, and Sin City in the ‘70s. I’m thrilled that it’s getting good reviews at amazon. CLICK HERE for more.

Have a fun summer and travel safe, wherever you go.


—Carolyn V. Hamilton, Editor and Chief Adventuress

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