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Living the Adventuress Life: Cam visits Lithuania’s KGB Museum, 5 favorite books with strong women c
October 27, 2015
Dear VIA (Very Important Adventuress)

Welcome to another edition of Living the Adventuress Life, the e-zine from

In this issue, we want to share with you our 5 favorite books with strong women characters, tell you about Cam’s visit to Lithuania’s KGB Museum, and offer you a complimentary copy of an eco-adventure romance.

Here’s what's new at since our last issue of Living the Adventuress Life:

Cam explores Lithuania’s KGB Museum

On this rainy spring Sunday afternoon in Vilnius, Lithuania, I suppressed my sense of dread and stepped inside to explore the grim surroundings of the building known officially as The Museum of Genocide Victims, and unofficially as the KGB Museum.

How explicit would it be? As it turned out . . . very graphic but enlightening, disturbing and sobering, and with more excruciating detail than any History or Military Channel program.

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Our 5 favorite books with strong women characters

The female protagonists in these books aren’t necessarily “over 50” but the challenges they face and the emotions they feel are ageless.

1. Cane River by Lalita Tademy

This New York Times bestseller and Oprah Book Club selection tells a moving epic of four generations of African-American women born into slavery along the Cane River in Louisiana. Over a hundred years they plead, deceive and manipulate their way “upward”, along the way extracting crucial gifts of money and property. Cane River is based in part on the lives, as preserved in both historical record and oral tradition, of Tademy’s ancestors.


2. A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley

When a successful Iowa farmer decides to divide his farm between his three daughters, Caroline, the youngest, objects, and is cut out of his will. This sets off a chain of events that brings dark truths to light and explodes long-suppressed emotions as his daughters cope with the often grim realities of life on a family farm—from battering husbands to cutthroat lenders. A Thousand Acres won the 1991 National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction.


3. Downtown by Anne Rivers Siddons

After a sheltered childhood in Savannah, Smoky O'Donnell arrives in Atlanta in the sixties, a time of innocence, possibility, and freedom. She’s dazzled and chastened by this hectic young city on the rise. Her new job as a writer with the city's Downtown magazine introduces her to unforgettable people and propels her into the center of momentous events that will irrevocably alter her heart, her career, and her world.


4. The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Bradley tells the story of the Arthurian Legend from a feminine perspective, lending an altogether thought-provoking point-of view from the traditional men’s tale. The principle views are from the much-maligned Morgaine (Morgana Le Fey), Priestess of Avalon and Gwynivere, the Christian princess and future queen of Camelot. Through them, Bradley also presents an interesting story of the political and religious conflIct between the new Christianity and the “old ways” of goddess worship.


5. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

In this 600-page time-travel romance, strong-willed and sensual World War II nurse Claire Randall leads a double life with a husband in one century and a lover in another.

While on her second honeymoon in the British Isles, Claire touches a boulder that hurls her back in time to the 18th century Castle Leoch and the MacKenzie clan. She becomes ensnared in life-threatening situations with a Scots warrior named James Fraser as she is lured into both love and passion. Gabaldon weaves both Scottish daily life and the political strains of the time into a story of a woman torn between fidelity and desire as she struggles to understand the pure intent of her heart.

The Starz cable network has produced an original series of this book that marks the first of what they plan to be one season around each of Gabaldon’s 8 novels about the lives of Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser.


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