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Issue #015, April 14, 2014— L is for Las Vegas memories
April 15, 2014
Dear VIP (Very Important Adventuress)

L is for Las Vegas memories

Forty years ago, in the 1970s, the “old Las Vegas” still lived.

The summer after I arrived in Las Vegas to join a circus and ended up opening the original MGM Grand as a cocktail waitress, my parents drove down from Seattle to visit.

In his retirement years my father had taken up photography. He delighted in driving up and down the famous Las Vegas Strip photographing all the hotels.

Most of these hotels, photographed in 1974 by my father, Arthur H. Vagts have been resold, remodeled, or imploded in the last four decades.

That Las Vegas had a population of 172,000 people; today there are over two million people who live and work there.

To see photos of the old strip and 12 hotels, and learn which 4 still stand today, CLICK HERE

Tomorrow’s AtoZ Challenge: For the letter M, I’ll tell you about being hit by a police car in Montana.

—Carolyn V. Hamilton, Editor and Chief Adventuress

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