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Issue #016, April 16, 2014— M is for my Montana Accident
April 16, 2014
Dear VIP (Very Important Adventuress)

M is for my Montana Accident

What happened in Montana after we got hit by a police car.

In the basin country of northwestern Montana lies Flathead Lake, and the home of my ex’s cousin Syd.

That was our destination when we flew from Las Vegas to Kalispell, Montana. At the Kalispell City Airport we rented a car to drive the 7 miles to Big Arm and their home on the lake.

We were hungry—the food on Allegiant Air was lacking—and wanted to grab a quick bite to eat before we hit the road.

We drove into a restaurant parking lot, checked out the coffee-shop style restaurant and decided we didn’t care for their fare and would find something else.

At the exit driveway from the parking lot to the street, we waited in our rental car to enter the traffic.

In his side mirror, Cork saw a parked police car begin to back up towards the driver’s side of our car.

To read the rest of the story and see my favorite photo of Flathead Lake, CLICK HERE

Tomorrow’s AtoZ Challenge: For the letter N, I’ll tell you about the most beautiful beach in Portugal: Nazare.

—Carolyn V. Hamilton, Editor and Chief Adventuress

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