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Issue #018, April 17, 2014—O is for Observatory
April 18, 2014
Dear VIP (Very Important Adventuress)

O is for Observatory

Here is the most unusual—and fun—exhibit in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park Observatory.

In January 2002 Los Angeles’ Griffith Park Observatory closed for an extensive 5-year renovation and expansion.

When my long-time friend Kara Knack, who served for years on the Friends of the Observatory Board of Directors, described the project she envisioned as part of the new installations, I was intrigued.

She explained that a long hallway would link the historic building on the ground level with the new Gunther Depths of Space on a subterranean level.

Her idea was to create an exhibit in this otherwise boring and long corridor, and use celestial-themed jewelry from her personal collection to attract attention to and illustrate a timeline of earth’s development in the universe. Observatory Director Dr. Ed Krupp had challenged her to come up with an idea that would be “obvious and thoughtful, yet visually random and chaotic.”

To read the rest of the story, and see lots of interesting pix, CLICK HERE

Tomorrow’s AtoZ Challenge: The letter P will be for Pagara, the signature Chinese fireworks set off in Suriname for every New Year’s Celebration.

—Carolyn V. Hamilton, Editor and Chief Adventuress

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