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Issue #024, April 25, 2014—U is for Ugo's Photo Tips
April 25, 2014
Dear VIP (Very Important Adventuress)

U is for Ugo's Photo Tips

Ugo’s 10 tips to make your travel photos spectacular!

So who is Ugo?

Ugo is a handsome young French-Canadian I met online who has been living in Taiwan for the past 8 years. He has a great website about Taiwan:

Ugo’s site has gotten lots of kudos for his photography. He’s been shooting photos for about ten years, and has made a list of ten tips to make your travel photos really stand out.

He’s graciously agreed to share them with all of us adventuresses.

Here are Ugo's tips for better photos:

1) Read books from the best photographers in the world; visit the National Geographic website often to get ideas.

2) Look at lots of pictures!

3) Take more than one picture of the same subject: shoot from a different angle, zoom in/out, try different aperture, speed, don't just leave it to auto mode.

4) Delete the pictures that are just so, so. Only keep the ones you REALLY LIKE in your albums.

To read the rest of Ugo’s 10 tips for better photos, with photo examples, CLICK HERE

Tomorrow’s AtoZ Challenge: For the letter V, I’ll share with you my friend Cam’s adventure when she got trapped in the Vatican Museum.

—Carolyn V. Hamilton, Editor and Chief Adventuress

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