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Issue #029, May 2, 2014—Z is for Zozobra
May 02, 2014
Dear VIP (Very Important Adventuress)

Z is for Zozobra

Zozobra is the oldest and wildest celebration in Santa Fe, New Mexico!


Zozobra is a six-foot puppet, also called, “Old Man Gloom”, who is burned annually as the kick-off event for Santa Fe, New Mexico’s annual celebration, Fiesta Santa Fe.

The event is held just blocks from the historic Santa Fe Plaza, in Fort Marcy Park.


Zozobra originated as a life-sized, six-foot puppet designed in 1924 by Santa Fe artist Will Shuster. The artist and a local newspaper editor created the name Zozobra to represent gloom and anguish.

Shuster got the idea from a celebration of Mexico’s Yaqui Indians, who dragged an effigy of Judas, filled with firecrackers, around on a donkey and then set him (but not the donkey) on fire.

Originally Shuster burned Zozobra in his backyard at a private fiesta party for his artist and writer friends.

Today’s Zozobra is over 50 feet tall, made of wooden frames and chicken wire, all stuffed with bushels of shredded paper that can include old police reports, paid-off mortgage papers, divorce papers, and notes written by people about their troubles in the past year.

The marionette’s arms flail about and he burns with pre-recorded sound effects that make him moan and growl in a spooky way that over the years I’m sure has scared the bejesus out of a kid or two.

To read the rest of the story, and see “burning” photos and video, CLICK HERE

That’s it for the 2014 A to Z Blog Challenge! Thank you, dear readers, for your attention, comments and feedback.

COMING SOON: the Adventuress Travel Magazine Facebook Page!

During the A to Z Blog Challenge many of you asked why you couldn’t comment with each other.

My magazine site host, SBI, doesn’t have a blog feature per se. They do have a way to link a Wordpress blog, for example, but I would have had to first set it up in Wordpress and then figure out how to attach it.

Frankly, I just didn’t have the energy right now for that—and writing 26 posts, with photos, in 30 days as well….

So for the future, a Facebook page will be where it’s at and then you can all converse with each other. ☺

As always, please feel free to forward this post to a friend!

—Carolyn V. Hamilton, Editor and Chief Adventuress

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