Peace Corps Diary

700 Days in Suriname

By former editor Carolyn V. Hamilton

In August 1999, I began my Peace Corps adventures, accompanied by my husband, Cork Proctor. No such adventure would be complete without a journal, and in the end I filled countless notebooks with writings and watercolor paintings. My photography habit overwhelmed our Peace Corps living allowance.

Peace corps diary

Peace Corps Diary

So many people have asked me what it was really like, so to celebrate the tenth year, I’ve decided to publish my journals here.

For the next two years—if you stay with me—you can live a Peace Corps experience vicariously, alternately enjoying and suffering and laughing and feeling the passion and frustration of daily life living and working under the umbrella of our government in a developing country.

You’ll learn how at a time in our lives when our contemporaries were bouncing grandchildren on their knees and thinking of moving to Arizona, Florida, or even Las Vegas, we put our respective careers on hold to go in search of our tax dollars at work, how we (barely) survived “one-room marriage” and how much our lives changed as a result of the experience.

This is a tale of two “seniors” who still are not sure exactly what they did…

To be continued... “Bon Voyage From Our Garage” Sunday, August 8, 1999

               -    Carolyn V. Hamilton

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