Shop, cook and eat in a Parisian neighborhood

“At this hour we’re the only ones up,” says Paule Caillat to our little group of six. We're ready to shop, cook and eat in the narrow streets of an old Parisian neighborhood.

It’s nine a.m. on a sunny Saturday morning, and we’re shopping for the necessary ingredients to prepare a menu of French culinary delights.

Madame Paule Caillat is une vraie Cuisenaire, an experienced Parisian cooking teacher and food consultant who owns and operates Les Promenades Gourmandes. This intimate one-day French cooking experience includes a shopping excursion and hands-on preparation of several dishes followed by a sit-down luncheon complete with wine and good company.

Paule Caillat’s lifelong interest in food has led her to seek out the best that Paris and France have to offer, be it bread, cheese, spices or chocolate. She believes “the product is the star” and does not compromise on quality. Madame Paule is an endless source of inspiration and can transform grocery shopping into a treasure hunt.

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