How I created this website

Ever since I read Tim Ferris’ “The 4-Hour Work Week” in 2009, I’ve been enchanted with having an online business, working from anywhere, just a few hours a week.

Sweet idea, huh?

Of course, at the time, I didn’t follow up with any of Tim Ferris’ ideas. I continued to work a job I loved, grant writing for a non-profit, from 9 to 5.

Then the unexpected happened: I lost the job.

Being over 50, I discovered that age discrimination, no matter what the law says, is alive and well in the U.S. I endured a series of frustrating interviews with 30-somethings for jobs for which I realized I was over-qualified.

As my unemployment money began to run out, I figured had two choices:

1. Get a job at K-mart or Costco to pay my rent and buy gas.

2. Move to a less-expensive foreign country with a better standard of living, where I wouldn’t need the day job, where I could afford to live on my “wits” and my social security. And devote 100% of my time to ideas for creative projects.

I’d been founding editor of a woman’s magazine, and one of my creative ideas was to found a travel magazine for “women over 50 doing fun things.” 

An internet magazine seemed ideal. All the usual reasons you see all over the internet for creating an online business were especially attractive to me:

- Not needing a “day job.”

- Not being dependent on anyone else but myself

- Getting to work from home

- finding a new, more laid back, lifestyle, and 

- generating income 

Also, living again in a foreign country was on my bucket list.

I’ll be honest with you, right now I’m not making a ton of money. But I have learned so much from SBI about having a viable internet business, and I know I’m poised to vastly increase my income within the coming year.

How do I know? Because I know see people doing it. And if they can do it, I can do it. And so can you.

Here are a couple of examples:

Crystal Maleski, a non-techie, turned her passion for cooking into a successful online business. It all started with some e-mails to friends about easy dinner ideas. Now this work-at-home-mom, with four teenage kids all in sports, loves how she can work whenever and wherever she wants.

Crystal says, "While I loved my career when I was single, I found the stress of working long hours when I had small children was very taxing. I no longer feel stressed when one of my kids needs to stay home from school. I can take care of them and still work on my business. I wake up excited every morning. There is nothing like the sense of accomplishment that I feel when I learn something new or master a new skill."

CLICK HERE to learn more about how Crystal did it.

Patty Knutson knew nothing about the online world except for checking emails and doing Google searches when she started. 

Four years after staring, she has a growing coaching business and multiple secondary income streams, including her own e-books, filled with various vegan cooking tips and techniques, and a weight-loss e-course. 

The best part, according to Patty, is that her very portable service business allows her to travel with her husband for his work, without affecting her own.

Patty says, “The number of people who write to me each and every day telling me how much my information-packed website has helped them is humbling. More than 3500 people visit my site every day. That's at least 75,000 people a month! To be able to help so many people in such an important way is sometimes hard to wrap my head around." 

CLICK HERE to read how Patty did it.

So you can see that SBI! Is a lot more than just a “site builder”

It’s an e-business model that’s easy to follow because it tells you how to do everything you need to do to build a profitable online business, one with equity that you could sell later if you wanted to.

SBI!’s Action Guide, where you would want to start, leads you through a straightforward, integrated, step-by-step process that works. 

And, this guide is available in written, video and mobile formats!

Naturally there are helpful e-business forums online, plus SiteSell Support to answer any questions.

What I really like about SBI! Is that they’re constantly updating their info, and that saves me valuable research hours that can better be used to build my business. I just don’t want to spend hours keeping up with the latest fads and other time-wasters.

With SBI! All the tools I need are in one spot. That’s maximal efficiency, in my book.

So, what do you get when you purchase SBI!?

From researching pre-site ideas to earning income from your site in up to 15 different ways, every tool, every strategy, every step is included in SBI!.

First, there’s Perfect Preparation

Most sites fail to prepare adequately. Before creating your first web page, you must...

• research what terms ("keywords") visitors search for in your field

• know the competitive landscape and how to address it, and

• plan how to monetize (there are ways to monetize your business that you may not even know about).

Sound like a lot of work? Not with these tools...


Brainstorm and cherry-pick highly profitable topics (i.e., topics that attract motivated, targeted traffic) for your site. You reduce hours of manual keyword brainstorming and research to mere clicks. 

Based on your areas of interest, Brainstorm It! delivers hundreds of possible site concepts for your new e-business. You'll never be at a loss for fantastic online business ideas! 


Brainstorm It! uses the new Site Concept Finder to bring back hundreds of keywords for 3 possible Site Concepts, all at once. 

You can then compare all three side-by-side with various filters, pre-set tasks (Lower Profitability, General Competitive and Solid Potential) and sorts to determine which of the three is the best Site Concept, based on overall profitability, the time you have available, and monetization potential.


More than 100 powerful, advanced searches in 20 categories, from brainstorming to monetization. 

Search It! constantly updates old searches and adds brand new ones, such as the highest-yield searches for excellent information, vital statistics and legal research, image library searches that you can use for free, and a real head-knocking/brainstormer. The ultimate e-commerce searching machine.


Niche Choose It! is an invaluable tool that enables you to flawlessly choose the very best Site Concept possible for your Theme-Based Content Site, along with the best possible domain name. 

No factor is overlooked by Niche Choose It!.

You don’t need a plug-In when Ii’s all built in!

Big or small, additions are beyond click-easy to implement. They just appear, ready to go. 

No need to figure out what other third-party software you need to supplement site-building, nor find the best of each type while avoiding buggy ones, nor pay for them or learn each one separately, and so on.

Wordpress plug-ins for example, are built by thousands of different developers, each with their "way" of interacting with the WordPress core. Sometimes this can lead to broken code or incompatibility or at the worst, a programmer can simply abandon the project, leaving users in the dust.

SBI! modules and improvements are all built in, top to bottom. That means they all fit together seamlessly. If it's in SBI!... It. Just. Works.

Compare features and costs

What makes SBI! the best choice for building an online business? Better than blogging software and small business hosting solutions? 

The answer is simple, but critically important and goes to the very core of SBI!'s existence...

Every module focuses on enabling you to build your business.

Hosting services and blogging software allow you to put up sites/blogs quickly, but do nothing to help you build a profitable business, which is the ultimate goal.

Suppose you accept the lure of cheap (even free!) "business hosting." Soon you realize you are spinning your wheels. So you upgrade to their "Professional Package." You research and buy more expensive third-party software.

Ditto for blogging. 

Suppose you start with a blogging platform. Most of them are free. But hosting costs you $100/year and you still do not have anything else you need to build a thriving, multiple-income-stream business.

In the end, you pay many times more than the price of SBI! and take many times longer to learn all the different tools and plugins.

High time loss, complexity and costs. No step-by-step process or integration of information, process, and tools. No helpful all-in-one-place community. No focus. No culture of success.

Now, if you’re technically minded, let's analyze a detailed comparison of SBI! against the high end "Professional Package" of a typical major Web hosting service. 

Why high end? 

Because there is simply no comparison at all when you compare SBI! against the cheap or free promotions -- those are lures.

Click here to compare SBI! to conventional small business Web hosting.

OR if you are interested in WordPress...

Click here to compare SBI! to WordPress.

Let's Review...

This is all about business. Proven Process + All The Tools = Business Success.

Solo Build It! has a track record of success and proves it.

I think Malcolm Forbes was right when he said, “the biggest mistake people make in life is not making a living at doing what they most enjoy.”

CLICK HERE to get start your new business with Solo Build It!