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Here are some true adventuress travel tales that are exciting and informative!

One thing about mature women; we’re at a point where we have great memories of travel experiences past, and look forward to many more.

On this page you can read amazing and amusing adventures of women just like you who’ve been there, done that, taken the photos, and got the T shirt!

How well Carolyn, founder of the magazine, remembers her first adventures - at a young age - her first night in London at a B&B in Cross Road. How she nearly set the B&B on fire and scared that poor boy. . .

But wait, there are more stories to come, so check back often for updates. These tales are listed by the most recent story at the top.

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Let it Snow! A Nordic Bathing Experience

Elsa Dixon reviews the LivNordic Spa on the Viking Sky cruise ship. A fascinating experience with a hot sauna, a Snow Grotto, thermal baths, mineral rich pools, Eco beauty treatments, and whacking with birch leaves!

a snow grottoThe Snow Grotto in the LivNordic Spa on the cruise ship - contrasts with the thermal pools!
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Travel During Pandemic Conditions

Read my account of emigrating from Spain to New Zealand in May 2021 - my story of how we managed to travel from Spain to New Zealand during a global pandemic. Discover the trials and tribulations of a move halfway across the planet!

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In the Footsteps of Nellie Bly

Rosemary J Brown follows in the footsteps of intrepid journalist and adventurer, Nellie Bly, who in 1889 raced through a 'man's world' in 72 days -- alone and literally with the clothes on her back -- to shatter the fictional record set by Jules Verne's Phileas Fogg in Around the World in 80 Days.  Read Rosemary's journey 125 years later, traveling alone with one single bag on the same route!

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Teach English in Mexico

During a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico, Judith Ann Morrison teaches English as a Second Language with her sister K. after a seven year break.  Is teaching like riding a bicycle?!

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The Best Spa Almeria, Spain

A birthday trip to Almería in Spain takes editor Mogsy to an amazing hotel with a spa facility underground.

A Day Trip to the island of Delos in the Greek Aegean Sea

Cam questions whether Delos is still the center of the Greek universe on this fun and interesting excursion ...

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San Francisco Bay Area

A trip starting at LAX goes via Monterey for the Big Sur marathon to San Francisco to see some lesser-known sights as well as a couple of famous ones.

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Monte Negro Stud Farm, Portugal

Read about Marie's visit to a famous horse stud farm in Portugal, which includes lunch. She also gives you the recipes!

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An Italian Adventure

Read about our editors' experiences deep in the Italian countryside at Castiglione dei Pepoli, to take part in a sporting event know as Swim Run!

Official top from the Swimrun Bologna event
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New Zealand, North Island

Mogsy undertakes a 4 week road trip with her 2 teenage daughters!

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Cape Byron, Australia

Mogsy visits the beautiful tiny coastal resort of Byron Bay, and runs up the path to the lighthouse at the most easterly point of mainland Australia.

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Trojan War

Explore the history of Troy and Mycenae in this exciting story

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Exploring Istanbul

Explore Istanbul with archeologist Janice Van Cleve.

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Mauritius Misadventures

Follow editor Mogsy's Mauritius Misadventures as a few things don't go quite according to plan on a Birthday trip to the Indian Ocean!

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Hosteria Izhcayluma in Vilcabamba

- Carolyn visits a lush, peaceful hideaway in the Sacred Valley of Southern Ecuador, a place known for relaxation and rejuvenation.

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In Bavaria, Germany, exploring the mountains of Schliersee

- In Bavaria, Germany, for her 50th birthday, Cassandra takes “adventuress” risks, encouraged by her supportive family.

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Istanbul: How I Became a Purse Vigilante - 

Judith reflects on what happened and how she felt when her purse was snatched on her first evening in Istanbul. Will she ever see her passport again?

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In and About Old Town Albuquerque - 

Discover with Joeann the charm and culture of Old Town Albuquerque in New Mexico as she bikes, wines and dines her way.

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Exotic Adventures in Thailand (Eating Bugs is Optional)

From Bangkok to Chiang Mai and Hong Island, Heidi and her fiancé, Dan, spend a Christmas vacation exploring the magic wonders of Thailand.

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The Wines of the Martinborough region of New Zealand

Discover the excellent wines being produced at Poppies Vinyard, and read about Poppy and husband Shayne in their quest to deliver the best!

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Chasing sunrise 1,048 stairs up Koko Crater, Oahu, Hawai’i - 

Cassandra faces her out-of-shape fears as she challenges her family to join her on an arduous Koko Crater hike on Oahu, Hawai’I in search of the perfect sunrise.

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Exploring Bangkok With No Agenda

Maria shares a colorful and enlightening experience on her own exploring the bustling capital of Thailand.

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Key West, Florida – a “radical sabbatical” experience - 

Kirsti shares the Key West part of her radical sabbatical experience in a 22-foot van.

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Biblical sites of Jordan, from a Photographer's Eye - 

Marie shares how she came to travel to Jordan to photograph the Biblical sites of Jordan, how she selected her camera equipment, and what she learned from the experience.

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Falcon Ridge Ski Hill & Falcon Trails Resort - 

Armande introduces us to a vintage Canadian ski resort, Falcon Ridge Chalet and the Christie family when she makes her annual Christmas visit.

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Obereisenheim in the Franconian countryside - 

Janice explores Obereisenheim in the Franconian countryside of Germany.

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Sixty days, fifteen national parks and 10,000 miles with five people and camping gear

- When Alyssa fractures her foot in four places before the family camping trip, the adventure becomes an enlightening experience.

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Prince Edward Island, Maritimes: In the Steps of my Acadian Ancestors

Armande begins an exploration in the steps of her Acadian Ancestors, part 1

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New Brunswick: In the Steps of my Acadian Ancestors Part 2 - 

Armande continues her exploration in New Brunswick in the Maritimes  in the steps of her Acadian Ancestors, part 2

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Nova Scotia, Maritimes: In the Steps of my Acadian Ancestors Part 3

- Armande continues her exploration in Nova Scotia, Maritimes, in the steps of her Acadian Ancestors, part 3

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An Oasis in The Desert of Death Valley - 

Joeann rediscovers a favorite oasis in the desert of Death Valley, California.

Oasis in Death Valley, U.S.A.Dates palms in Death Vally
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Baseball, Burial Grounds, Brown Water & a Lobster Roll in Boston 

Alesia shares her discoveries during a 3-day visit to Boston.

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Navigating an Adventurous Outdoor Vacation with a Disability - 

Tracy takes her friend Laura, a woman with a disability yet a desire for new adventures, on an adventurous outdoor vacation.

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A Visit with Panama’s Indigenous Emberá People -

Carolyn spends the day with Panama’s Indigenous Emberá people.

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Joyriding in a Jugaad in Rajasthan - 

Sharon shares her wild, colorful ride in a Jugaad in Rajasthan, India.

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Janice’s first day exploring the old city of Nuremberg, Germany - 

Janice spends a day exploring the old city of Nuremberg, (Nürnberg) Germany, admiring its architecture and cuisine.

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At The Bottom Of The World In Ushuaia, Argentina

- What’s it like to live at the bottom of the world in Ushuaia, Argentina?

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Carnival in Montevideo, a Way of Life

Carolyn discovers the roots of tango in the music and dance and colorful costumes of Carnival portrayed in the carnival museum in Montevideo, Uruguay.

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Penguins and the British in the Falkland Islands

 If you’re looking for a sturdy British community with penguins, look no further than the Falkland Islands.

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German settlement of Chile at the German Colonial Museum in Frutillar 

- Carolyn explores 19th century German settlement at the German Colonial Museum in the Lake District of Chile, South America.

Map to show Frutillar
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Sailing on Penobscot Bay, Maine – Recharge, reconnect and celebrate!

- Tracy describes her exhilarating experience sailing aboard the Schooner Stephen Taber in Penobscot Bay, Maine.

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Ayahuasca Experience: When a Bucket is Your Best Friend

Gertie reflects on her third experience with the South American plant medicine, ayahuasca.

How To Take That Cruise When He Hates Cruises

Robin discovers on Carnival’s Splendor down the Mexican Riviera how to cruise successfully with a significant other who hates cruising!

The Carnival Splendor cruise ship at sea

TINA PAUL reveals all about traveling today in PUERTO RICO -

Tourism is alive and well, in spite of a hurricane, in this Caribbean island.

The Gateway Arch Thrill Ride -

Alesia accepts the challenge of St. Louis' Gateway Arch Thrill Ride.

Road Sports: Are They For Women Over 50?

Jessica Ho writes a reflective observation including the adventures of two women well over 50 who have a passion for biking.

Flying Solo in Havana -

Janice explores Havana, Cuba – alone!

Best of Grand Cayman, Yooper Style

What happens when you release five Yoopers into the wilds of Grand Cayman. A 'yooper' is someone from the Upper Peninsula.

Janice Explores Paris’ Île de la Cité

. . . and discovers an underground archeological crypt.

Manya explores Egypt, Ancient Art & the Upper Nile - 

Manya explores Egypt from Cairo up the Nile and discovers a world of ancient culture and art.

Cruising the Canal du Nivernais in Burgundy, France - 

Carolyn cruises the Canal du Nivernais in Burgundy, France, in a retrofitted barge.

Below the Grand Canyon Rim: Mules make the trip to Supai Tunnel a real adventure - 

Wendy describes her Grand Canyon Mule Ride adventure.

An Ayahuasca ceremony in Ecuador- 

Gertie explores her inner self in an Ayahuasca ceremony in Ecuador.

Farm Fest & grasslands in Saskatchewan - 

Armande discovers a mini folk fest right in her home province of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Sleeping in Northern Norway’s Kirkenes Snow Hotel - 

Sue & Reggie spend a freezing night sleeping in Northern Norway’s Kirkenes Snow Hotel.

Isla de Ometepe: Dirt Bikes and Volcanoes - 

Angelique explores Isla de la Ometepe by dirt bike and climbs volcano Concepción.

Climbing Bali’s volcanic Mount Batur: In Search of the Otherworldly - 

Paula shares her pre-dawn climb of Bali’s Mount volcanic Batur.

A day at the Zoo: Seattle’s Woodland Park - 

Carolyn reveals some fun things to see (and learn) at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo.

True Adventuress Travel Tales

How Rachel enjoyed the Australian Islands

Rachel takes an extended trip to Brisbane and cruises the Australian Islands.

Anne’s Winter Holiday in the Outer Banks of North Carolina -

A solo adventuress spends New Year's Eve in Corolla, North Carolina.

A Pilgrimage to Terezín - 

Carolyn visits the World War II memorial known as Terezín outside of Prague in the Czech Republic.

DATELINE: Kathmandu, Nepal

Kris and her family ride elephants through Royal Citwan National Park in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Copan Ruinas, a typical Central American town - 

Janice introduces us to Copan Ruinas, a typical Central American town.

Against the Wind at Tomales Bay - 

Tracy and Connie try camping with kayaking at Tomales Bay, Calilfornia.

The water at Tomales Bay

Going Downhill in the Island of Crete’s Samariá Gorge

Tracy and her daughter are reminded of a life lesson as they trek downhill in the Island of Crete’s Samariá Gorge.

The canyon walls in Samaria Gorge

Sherry’s Day at the Ancient Mayan Ruins of Tulum -

Sherry tells why it might not be a good idea to party the night before a bumpy catamaran ride ...

Christine’s European break in Split, Croatia - 

Christine takes a break from “grandmothering” and discovers Split, Croatia.

A high view of Split in Croatia

Trisha has a tubing adventure on the Wisconsin River - 

The Wisconsin River has any other Midwest waterway beat when it comes to tubing.

Sailing on a Windy Day in Sardinia - 

What happens when Tracy and her daughter sail on an unexpectedly windy day in Sardinia.

Ski Patrol “Ski Along” at Powderhorn, Colorado - 

Tracy learns first-hand about the challenges of ski patrolling.

A Perfect Panda Photo-op in Washington, DC - 

Dylyce discovers the perfect panda photo-op at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, DC.

Leave Your Heels Behind: A Road Trip to the Algarve in Portugal - 

Sue and Regina rent a car and drive down the colorful coast of Portugal.

Bicycle Touring in Rome - 84 Degrees and Sunny - 

Tracy discovers bicycle touring in Rome is not always 84 degrees and sunny.

The Peabody Poop Scoop - 

Dennise reveals the skinny on the Peabody Hotel poop scoop!

Discovering Myself on a Solo Trip to Saint George Utah -

After a painful divorce, Angelique finds herself on her first solo adventure, to Saint George, Utah.

Not Your Uncle’s Home Brew - a surprising day of wine tasting - 

Virginia discovers wine-tasting - in Northern Ohio!

Volvo Ocean Race with Gutsy Female Sailors - 

Sailor Christine talks about gutsy female sailors in the Volvo Ocean Race.

Canyoning near Lucca, Italy - Hanging from cliffs…Why not? - 

Some might think we were crazy. Maybe we were. I’m fifty-two years old and I paid good money for this madness.

Falconry – A Royal Sport for All Ages at The Broadmoor - 

Siri introduces you to the royal sport of falconry.

A week in show business -On the road with the ghost of Elvis

What could possibly be more fun than going on the road with the ghost of Elvis PLUS the handsome young Elvis?

True Adventuress Travel Tales

Fifteen Hundred Miles Of Bad Road: On the Road in Namibia -

Cam introduces you to a country of austere landscapes, spectacular sand dunes, and endless dusty byeways.

How to Find Yourself in Italy - 

An Italiana shares her secret to finding yourself in Italy, and it's not what you might think ...

5 favorite things about Scotland’s Isle of Skye -

Barbara McNally explains how the famous Isle of Skye is a must - visit destination for the nostalgic fairy-tale-loving, adventuresome woman in us all.

Graffiti Art in Bogota 

Sylvia takes a Graffiti Tour in Bogota, Colombia.

Traveling to Mount Vernon, George Washington's Historic Plantation Home

- Virginia decides her favorite way to travel to Mount Vernon is by boat on the Potomac River, as people would have traveled in plantation times.

Midwest Seniors Run Away From Home

Carol and her friends decide to get away from husbands, kids, grandkids, dogs and the routine of Chicago day-to-day life and explore the Caribbean.

Chasing the World-Famous Orchids of Ecuador - 

In the valley of Gualaceo, high up in the Ecuadorean Andes, is an amazing orchid “farm” which Carolyn visited on a recent sunny day. 

Lord Howe Island Sailing Getaway - 

Christine sails her yacht Levitation across the Tasman Sea where she stops at Lord Howe Island to pass through customs.

Honduras – the Lure of Copan Ruinas  - 

Janice braves Honduras’ questionable safety to visit the village of Copan Ruinas.

The Foam and Greasepaint of El Carnaval de Negros y Blancos in Pasto, Colombia

Ann reports the excitement of El Carnaval de Negros y Blancos in Pasto, Colombia.

The 3 best healing hiking trails near Denver, Colorado -

Donna shares her personal recipe for inspiration and renewal.

Lost in Venice: Avoid These 7 Mistakes

Pam gets lost in Venice. Her advice? Avoid These 7 Mistakes.

Exploring Lithuania's KGB Museum

Cam suppresses dread and explores Lithuania’s KGB Museum.

Paniola (Cowgirl) for the Day in Waipi’o Valley -

Barbara indulges in her love of horse-back-riding in the big Island of Hawaii's Waipi'o Valley.

A Galapagos Hike

Loretta discovers that hiking in the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador is more than challenging.

True Adventuress Travel Tales

What happens when you lose your passport 

On the 4th day of our Discover South America tour, planned for over 2 years, Joyce loses her passport.

3 passports from Ieland, Australia and the U.K.Lost passports!

Desert daydreams

Canadienne Dominique's impressions show different sides of a city in the US Southwestern desert. Travel with Dominique as she stays in a B&B and explores diverse attractions like The Lost Dutchman State Park and the Calle 16 Mural Project.

A Visit With a Nomad Berber Family - 

Near Morocco’s Merzouga Dunes, Cam visits a nomad family of Berber goat herders at their temporary spring encampment.

A Camel Ride in a Sandstorm -

A camel ride in a sandstorm is just the thing to do when you visit Morocco.

Impressions of Turkey - 

An adventuress’ contrasting impressions of Turkey, three decades later.

Souris Winter Jam -

Dominique goes to an Acadian music jam in Souris, on the west central coast of Prince Edward Island.

William Faulkner’s Rowan Oak reflects Southern Americana -

Driving through the old south, Christine discovers Rowan Oak, the home of Pulitzer Prize-winning author William Faulkner.

Loretta’s Galapagos snorkeling scare -

Snorkeling off a dive boat in Ecuador's Galapagos Islands proves to be a rough ride.

Trapped in the Vatican Museum 

On a humid and rainy Saturday afternoon, Cam finds herself trapped in the Vatican Museum.

True Adventuress Travel Tales

Adrift in a Hot Air Balloon Over Central Turkey -

In central Turkey, drift with Cam in a hot air balloon over an ancient Anatolia fairyland.

In France’s Burgundy Wine Country with Gutsy Women Travel -

Cruise on Uniworld’s River Royale through France’s Burgundy wine country with Sue and eighteen fellow "adventuresses."

The Rossiya Hotel- "Back in the U.S.S.R." -

In Smolensk, Russia, Cam has a pre-glasnost night “back in the U.S.S.R.”

Couture Neckwear For the Fashionable Tourist -

Cam tells how fashionable neckwear as couture for the International traveler is flourishing.

Edging Into Belarus -

Entering Belarus, once a member of the USSR, can be an "edging" experience.

Bussing Through the Andes -

Chickens and goats and pigs as fellow passengers? Not, in Carolyn's experience.

Spellbinding Sedona, Arizona -

Caroline's visit to Sedona, Arizona turns out to be a spellbinding experience.

Marla takes her daughter to the Ritz in Paris -

A woman traveling with her daughter sees Paris differently from traveling with her husband.

True Adventuress Travel Tales

Shari’s South African Safari Adventure -

Shari shares her experience with her sisters in South Africa’s Singita Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve, tracking the big five!

Golden Silk Orb Weaver Spider -

On a family safari in South Africa's Mala Mala Game Reserve, Bambi encounters lions and leopards and a formidable Spider.

Linda Lou's Grand Canyon Hummer Adventures -

Join Linda Lou as she day-trips in a Hummer from Vegas to the west rim of the Grand Canyon, experiencing Skywalk, a Hualapai Indian village, and a smiling guide named Scott.

Exploring Washington State's Kitsap Peninsula -

From colorful Poulsbo to the wild Point No Point, you’ll find fun discoveries, as Carolyn did.

London, Charing Cross Road and the Smoking Blanket -

An adventuress' first night in London.

An Unholy Day in the Holy Land -

In Israel, Cam learns all is not peaceful among tour guides.

I hope you enjoyed looking through these True Adventuress Travel Tales, and found some funny and exciting moments!  

Mogsy, Editor.


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