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Travel Quiz!

Rate your adventuress genes in our Travel Quiz.

Select one from each of the following and write down your answers.

1—How important to you is exploring other countries and cultures?

a. Not that important

b. I think about it sometimes

c. I definitely want to see more

d. I can’t get enough of them

2 — To be able to have a fabulous adventure, you would give up

a. Nothing

b. I’d really have to think about that…

c. Chocolate

d. My fabulous job

3— How many countries have you visited?

a. 1-4

b. 5-9

c. 10-15

d. 15 or more

4— If you could live anywhere in the world, it would be

a. Phoenix

b. Puerto Vallarta

c. French Riviera

d. Bali

5— You can’t leave home without

a. the cat

b. the hairdryer

c. a second collapsible suitcase

d. extra pages in your passport

6— If you traveled with a man, you wouldn’t mind traveling with

a. Henry Fonda

b. George Clooney

c. Gene Wilder

d. Brad Pitt

7— Your favorite travel destination is

a. The good ol’ U.S.

b. Mexico

c. Thailand

d. Australia

8— While traveling, you’d never eat

a. Witchity grubs

b. An unfamiliar leafy green

c. Peanut butter

d. A hamburger

9— While traveling in a foreign country, you’d really miss eating

a. Mac and cheese

b. Pizza

c. Peanut butter

d. Nothing western

10— On a Caribbean cruise, you’d pack

a. New shoes

b. Two nice dresses

c. Things that are comfortable and crushable.

d. Light and white

11— When you buy a bottle of wine, it has to

a. be recommended by a sommelier

b. be something my friends like

c. be from South Africa or South America

b. have an interesting label

12— If you lost your toothbrush you would

a. freak out

b. buy another one as soon as possible

c. borrow your friend’s

d. soften and pound the end of a stick into a little brush


Add 1 point for every A you selected.

Add 2 points for every B you selected.

Add 3 points for every C you selected.

Add 4 points for every D you selected.

See How You Scored

12-21 You didn’t inherit a very strong adventuress gene. You’ll get your kicks from watching “Lost” and “The Amazing Race,” thank you very much. Let those younger people take silly risks. Your idea of roughing it is a single at the Hilton, though that’s not necessarily a bad idea if it’s combined with a great shopping trip in San Francisco or Paris.

22-31 You like the comforts of home, and prefer to take them with you when you travel. Cruises and guided tours, where everything is conveniently pre-arranged, are your cup of tea. Still, you’ll be the one bugging the tour guide for extra information, and will most likely stay in touch with some of your new traveling companions.

32-41 You prefer extended travel—more than two weeks—and love meeting foreign people and learning about their cultures. You’re not opposed to guided tours. But during the free time you’ll most likely find something more interesting to do than stay in your hotel and wash your hair.

41-48 You’re open to the moment. You inherited all the adventure genes of both your parents. You’re the supreme adventuress, up for anything, without question. You love traveling to out-of-the-way places, though this has, on occasion, caused you a little trouble. Your friends are constantly amazed at the experiences you’ve had. They can’t wait to see what you’ll be up to next.

For fun, pass this quiz on to your friends and get them to tell you where they score. Then start planning a trip together…

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