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Here you'll find profiles of women just like you,  who have chosen the life of an adventuress, whether they meant to or not.

This kind of life is a mindset. Sometimes it means not only thinking outside the box, but acting, even living, outside the box.

You know that woman you admire for her strength, her accomplishments, her perseverance, her talents, or her experience. That woman who makes you think, I wish I could do/be/think like that.


And if you ask her, she’ll probably say something like, “Oh, it was no big deal. I just did what I wanted to do,” or “I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”

She might even say, “I didn’t think much about it. It just happened.”

Reminds me of that saying, "Life is what happens while you’re making other plans". (Or is that from a John Lennon song?)

In my travels, both home and abroad, I've met some incredible women. They've amused me, helped me, entertained me, taught me and inspired me with their unfailing zest for life.

Whether they’re working in an orphanage in Tibet, exploring third world countries, volunteering in the Peace Corps, working for political change, having "a little work done" or teaching English overseas, these women can inspire you to think about life in a new way.

Here are some of their stories…

Kathy Kriger’s vision for a real Rick’s Café in Casablanca - 

Kathy had a vision to create and open a bar that would play piano music and have a lively atmosphere. It would be filled with Moroccans and expats alike, serve authentic Moroccan cuisine mixed with tastes from Europe and America, serve alcohol, and become a place for everyone to relax and enjoy an evening with live jazz and good food.

An Ecuadoreana Remembers growing up in Cuenca - 

Jean shares the compelling story of Senora Cecelia Toral Vasques, who grew up in Ecuador’s third largest city, Cuenca.

Meet Bambi Vincent, Thief-hunter!

Pickpockets and theft are the travel industry’s dirty little secret, according to Bambi. Discover her story about taking on the tricksters.

Poppy: Winemaker in Wairarapa, New Zealand - 

The story of Poppy, a New Zealand winemaker in the Marlborough region.

Lin Schneider lives and works from her beach home in Peru. Find out how she lives her day-to-day expat life!

Liz Jansen is an avid motorcyclist.

Liz is from Ontario, Canada, and gives us a great interview in Where the Road meets the Spirit. Who said you can't ride motorbikes when you're older?

Janeen Halliwell

How one woman’s vision created a personal growth get-away on the Island of Women - Isla de Mujeres off the Mexican coast.

Meet Doreen Pendgracs

Doreen is a Canadian writer, a keynote speaker and an author of 4 books, including Chocolatour: A Quest for the World’s Best Chocolate.

My Choice of a New Life Over Cancer

One adventuress makes life-changing decisions. Read this fascinating story.

A civil war military chest and a lady’s ball fan. 

When antiques appraiser Pat Westcott opened a civil war captain’s military chest, she had no idea of the historic adventure that awaited!

W is for Women of the World

A photo essay by former editor Carolyn V. Hamilton.

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