Peabody Poop Scoop

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On a recent trip to the Elvis capital of the universe my family had a chance to sleuth the poop of the Peabody Ducks.

Peabody poop scoop Memphis

Peabody Poop Scoop

Peabody poop scoop Memphis

My son was curious to know where do these ducks poop.

We did the whole kit and caboodle tour at Graceland and then headed over to the magnificent Peabody Hotel.

The hotel has a rich history dating back to 1869 when it opened. Many famous people have walked thru the front doors of this gem from General Robert E. Lee to Elvis himself for his high school prom in 1953.

In 1933 the first ducks were placed in the fountain and have been present ever since. It is important to mention that the hotels four-star French restaurant Chez Philippe does not serve duck.

Peabody poop scoop Memphis

The grand marble fountain where the ducks spend their time is a luxury centerpiece amidst the lobby’s richly presented décor.

We checked in and waited for the moment of arrival of the famous ducks. What we found out is that each day at precisely eleven o’clock am and again at five ‘o clock pm the ducks arrive in the lobby by elevator and parade across a red carpet like superstars at the duck Oscar’s.

All eyes are on the five North American mallard ducks as they waddle into the fountain. The ducks we saw will most likely not be the ducks you will see if you choose to visit.

We learned that each set of ducks has only three months of fame and glory before returning to their humble previous lives as ordinary farm ducks.

But while the ducks are on their magnificent holiday at the hotel they live in a rooftop penthouse made of more marble and plenty of glass. In their private abode the ducks have an additional fountain to splatter about in.

Peabody poop scoop Memphis

If you decide to venture up to the rooftop it is worth the elevator ride for not only the breathtaking view of downtown Memphis, but you my also catch a glimpse of the ducks in their replica of the Peabody frolicking on soft grass installed for their delight.

So what about the poop?

My son discovered that while in the lobby’s fountain it seems the ducks are trained to climb onboard several discreetly placed platforms peeking out of the water to do their ducky duties.

--Story & photos by Dennisse Heckman

Peabody poop scoop MemphisDennisse Heckman

Dennise Heckman is a travel writer and marketing content writer specializing in all things related to thought-provoking travel. She is the owner of the reliable Le Petite Canine dog sitting service in Sinking Spring, PA. 

You can find her daily researching and writing feverishly, and walking dogs…but not all at once. She writes about curious trends, fresh hot spots, novel hotels and remarkable destinations that she has visited. 

Dennise holds a masters degree in art and has written several fiction children's books and is currently working on a middle grade novel about a tween-age dog sitter.

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